Congratulations STL Robotics Teams 82855G and 82855Y!!

Never before in the history of STL Robotics have we cemented our name on the VEX Robotics Worlds Stage. Last weekend, our teams 82855G and 82855Y competed in the Live Remote VEX Robotics World Championship where not only did our teams 82855G and 82855Y place in the top division, but they also ended up taking 2nd and 3rd place in the WORLD! Due to current world events, our teams were not able to go to Texas to compete; thus the whole competition was held and judged remotely! Our teams competed from the safety of their own homes, assembling the fields and driving their robots in their living room or basement, while being featured on the official livestream and smashing the competition! Our teams did exceptionally well in the skills competition, but in addition to their high scores, our team 82855G won the highly coveted BUILD AWARD, crowning them as having created the BEST BUILT ROBOT in the WORLD! We congratulate our teams and everyone who supported them and their dedication to make STL history!